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Everything You Should Know About Tokenomics

In the blink of an eye, we went from paper bills and purses to Bitcoins and digital wallets. The virtual...

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Banks and Crypto: What Will Happen to the Banks?

How will crypto and the Blockchain impact banks, what will happen to the banks in the future,...

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Blockchain Technology in Banking: Everything You Need to Know

Blockchain technology in banking will bring changes to client value networks. This article focuses on the following:...

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A Bullish Case for Bitcoin Price Valuation 2.0

[:ru]In January 2014 we forecasted Bitcoin valuation of 10'000 USD in the Swiss CFA Charter Magazine. The...

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Combining the Traditional Banking with Crypto Finance

The traditional banking business is based on fiat currencies. Conversely, a diverse range of cryptographically secured digital...

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Bullish Case for Bitcoin Price Valuation

Bitcoin is digital currency which enables instant payments to anyone and anywhere in the world.

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