We have seen that the crypto-economy has limited fixed-income capabilities. With our project, we want to fill this gap and add real value to the crypto users.


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FAQ is the fastest way to get involved with decentralized finance. From the application home screen, six clicks are all it takes to start earning interest or create a loan request.

What are benefits of owning SmartCredit Token?

The tokens serve as a utility token and loyalty token on the platform. Platform users can use SMARTCREDIT to pay their gas fees and other platform-related payments.


Additionally, platform users and B2B partners will be rewarded with tokens.


The tokens serve as means of voting the key decisions will be put for the vote to the community. We will do what our community decides to do.


The borrowers, lender’s and integration partners will be part of liquidity mining they will be rewarded with tokens for their activity on our platform.


The tokens will serve as collateral for borrowing on the platform. loans are collateralized - we are using the main ERC20 tokens as collateral for the loans. And we add as well our token as a key collateral token for the borrowers.

What is the smart contract address and token symbol?




What I can do with’s decentralized peer-to-peer global lending marketplace connects lenders and borrowers without intermediaries. Lenders offer their funds, and borrowers borrow the funds on the global marketplace. You can borrow or lend.

Who's behind it?

With more than 10 years of banking experience, we have excellent banking know-how. We know decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Our CEO Martin Ploom, CTO Tarmo Ploom, and advisor Daniel Burgwinkel published a book about blockchain technology. 

What are the requirements?

A Metamask wallet.

Will you provide support?

Definitely! We're here for your success, and we have a dedicated support team for this. But, we don't think that you will need support; it's really so easy to use!

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Unique Solutions for Common Problems

The team created a user-friendly platform to leverage your assets like a banker.

Instant Approvals

Thanks to our innovative personal fixed income fund solution, you will receive your fund within minutes.

Fixed Rates

No fluctuating interest rate for the borrowers or lenders. We're protecting your assets and income.

Low Collateral

A low collateral ratio empowers borrowers to borrow more on their assets.

Easy to Use

Decide what you want to do, connect with your Metamask wallet, and you're ready to go!

Active Community

We have a great and supportive community. They're calling themselves smarties, and it's right!

Fixed Term

Fixed-term loans for the borrowers and lenders - that’s how we reduce the collateral ratio