Our story

Imagine a world where citizens of capital-exporting countries can easily offer their surplus capital to people who need it, where citizens of capital-importing countries can more easily access capital to turn their dreams into reality

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Take back control over your money!

SmartCredit.io’s decentralized peer-to-peer global lending marketplace connects lenders and borrowers without intermediaries. Lenders offer their funds, and borrowers borrow the funds on the global marketplace. 

Our co-founders, Martin Ploom and Tarmo Ploom are CFAs (Chartered Financial Analysts), and both worked for 10 years as Vice Presidents for Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland.

Daniel Burgwinkel
Christoph Bell

Highly skilled team worldwide.

With more than 10 years of banking experience, we have excellent banking know-how.

We know decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Our CEO Martin Ploom, CTO Tarmo Ploom, and advisor Daniel Burgwinkel published a book about blockchain technology. 


The SmartCredit team created a user-friendly platform to leverage your assets like a banker.

martin ploom - ceo
Martin Ploom

Ex VP Credit Suisse Zürich, Switzerland. Before Credit Suisse, he launched 4 successful products with 250’000+ users. He is an MBA, CFA, and Dipl. Inf.

tarmo ploom
Tarmo Ploom

Ex Chief-Architect Finnova Banking Platform, EX VP Credit Suisse Global Architecture. He is Ph.D., MBA, CFA, and CAIA